Trinkets for women in landscape photography

There are many gadgets, books and clubs for landscape photographers, but these trinkets are just for the female ones.
Picture of Miri Roth

Miri Roth

Swiss Landscape Photographer

Bits and trinkets from a female gaze

Because landscape photography is such a boy`s club, it is sometimes difficult for women to find something that is relatable or suitable.
Many groups, books and even parts of equipment are noticeably designed by men for men.

I have put together a few bits and trinkets with the female gaze. Maybe there is something worthwhile for you.

This list is not complete and I will definitely add to it in the future. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to post them in the comments.

No affiliate links – Just recommendations.

In Focus Women Landscape Photography Podcast

A podcast for the celebration and community of female landscape photographers from around the world hosted by Steph Vella and Sarina Jackson.

Evoc Stage Capture 16L

Very light and compact system camera backpack for photography hikes with little equipment.

Badass Women Playlist

The spotify playlist you need to hear when you climb a mountain on the way to the spot.


A state of the art liner glove with special insulated heating pad pocket to make sure not to lose the precipous warmth, touchtec.

Really Right Stuff Versa MK2 Tripod

This tripod is not exclusively for women, but if you're short like me, it's the perfect size. I've been looking for a good tripod for small ones for a long time.

Insulated Wine Glass

Because sometimes you want to drink a glass of wine on location, watching the sunset.

Lenz Heat Vest

The warming women's vest protects the body from cooling down in the sensitive area at the level of the kidneys. The perfect companion for the freezing hours outside.

In Focus Women Photo Book

In Focus Women Photo Book compiled with amazing landscape images from female photographers all around world.

ELIRA Trousers

ELIRA Apparel - No Need to Strip, Just Unzip! The Kickstarter campaign for the best outdoor pants ever invented. Coming soon!

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