Hi, I'm
Miri Babuschkina

your professional landscape photographer

I am an Engadin based Swiss photographer and I am here to share the love for my home valley with you.

I grew up in the Engadin, the most beautiful valley in the Alps.

I`m the girl who would rather be laying in wild flowers, have deep conversations under the stars and taste snowflakes Every chance I get. I’m a windows down in the car singing’, milkyway obsessed lupine lover who tends to laugh till it hurts and is a sucker for making memories.

Snow smells like home,
larches are my houseplants.

I’m finding a little more of my soul on every little adventure and I’m so freakin› grateful that my job capturing love and the beauty of my home valley has blessed me with these experiences to enjoy nature and share my creativity trough my pictures.

Academia Babuschkina

Women in landscape photography

We are more powerful
when we empower
each other

If you know me, you know that it is important to me to empower women in landscape photography. Even if photography itself is not a purely male branch, there are unfortunately too few women in landscape photography. But those who are represented make incredibly great art that should not be lost in the crowd.


a community for female photographers where they can network, find encouragement and empower each other.

#WomenBehindTheLens is a safe space for your doubts and fears, for education and inspiration. Join my mailing list to receive special offers for my female-only photography workshops, dedicated articles and exclusive access to my female-only Facebook group, containing lots of informational content and discussions that will give you the confidence boost you’re looking for to achieve your landscape photography goals. Meet fellow female landscape photographers of all skill levels, share your experience and learn from others. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional – there is something for everybody!

What do I get by joining your community, Miri?

What i do while i am not out shooting landscapes

Couples & Elopement Photography

My second passion is to capture love in the beauty of the Engadin nature. Couples, Elopements, Families - there is nothing like preserving those memories for you. Are we going to make some memories together soon?