Haida M10 Filter Holder System Review

For my cooperation with Haida Filters I got the new M10 filter system to try out. You can read what I think of the system and whether it is worth it in my article.
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Haida M10 Filter Holder System Review


What Is the M10 Filter Holder System?

The Haida M10 Filter Holder System is a modular filter system – which means like many filter systems, it`s comprised of an adapter ring, a holder, and some filters. The adapter ring must match the diameter of your lens to screw it on. The M10 holder mounts to the adapter ring with a quick release lock, the filters can be easily pushed in.

The filter holder holds two types of filters, square, traditional filters, and drop-in filters. You can also have one drop-in filter and up to three square filters insert at the same time.

This drop-in filter is super innovative since the slot is located at the rear of the holder. You can put a polarizer or a ND filter in there. And with the dial at the top of the polarizer, you can rotate it without taking away the square filters you already put in, how convenient is that?! There is also an empty drop-in gasket included – this is useful to prevent light leaking in when you are only using square glass filters.

Haida Red-Diamond Medium ND 1.2 Filter – what makes it so special?

The Red Diamond Series is double the strength of a normal glass filter. Which really comes in handy if you are as clumsy as I am. You can drop those filters to a concrete floor and there will be no sign of damage – which doesn`t mean you should – but you could. (Still don`t do it.)

They are shock resistant, scratch resistant, waterproof, true to colour, easy to clean and have K9 optical glass. And I haven’t even mentioned that they are super sharp. Also, they are 2mm thick, which makes them compatible with the Haida 100-Pro system and other same sizes holders.

The new Haida Anti Fog Belt – Why do you need one?

My home valley the Engadin is also known as Winter wonderland. Having 2 meters of snow and minus 25 degrees Celsius is nothing unusual to us. But while the winter pictures may be pretty to look at, getting those images takes a lot of effort.

What is a usual and not easy to solve problem a lot of photographers have in winter is a lens, that is going to fog up constantly. Believe me, I tried a lot to keep my lens warm. The best solution I came up with last winter was a thermal hand warmer, that was hold in place by a scarf I wrapped around the lens. You can tell without having seen it, this isn`t really the icing on the cake.

In summer, hot and humid conditions are also problematic for the lens. While I can`t really talk from experience when it comes to hot – humid is a problem I stumble across a lot, since I love to capture all the pretty mountain lakes of my region.

The new Anti Fog Belt from Haida is here to solve that problem in an instant. It`s also a perfect solution for astrophotography and extreme temperature photography. The Anti Fog Belt, which you just wrap around your lens, can withstand -40° degrees Celsius, comes with a USB port and a soft pouch and has 3 individual heat settings:

It just plugs into a power source, like a power bank and gets rid of every condensation. It fits any lens and is lightweight. It starts heating up in only a few seconds. The only downside I could find is that you must make sure, that you always have a fully charged power bank with you. Others than that, it’s a true lifesaver.

First impressions of the M10 Filter Holder

The Haida M10 filter holder kit comes supplied with a circular polarizing filter and in a black zip-up case, with a very soft interior. It reminds a little of a CD case from the 90s, which I personally love. The filter holder makes a very stable and high-quality impression, as does the case and the polarising and graduation filters. The CPL filter is used here as a drop-in filter. In the lid of the holder there is an additional mesh pocket in which the empty insert (Light Barrier) is stored. Two rails for 100mm rectangular filters are mounted on the filter holder itself. A third rail is included and must be mounted by yourself if required. Haida also includes a small screwdriver and some longer screws.


It takes just a few minutes to get the hang of the new M10 Filter System. After a little practice, attaching and removing the holder from the adapter is more than easy.
Inserting and replacing the drop-in filters is foolproofly and the square filters slide in smooth and securely.

What is most useful in the field, like the Haida 100-Pro Series already proofed, is the ability to easily remove the entire holder assembly, with the filters attached.
So you are able to re-meter or refocus by just removing the holder assembly instead of every filter individually – which will speed up that task profoundly and you will not waste precious light.

As I already mentioned, with the dial on top of the polarizer, you can rotate it without taking away any filters in front of it. This was the only thing really bothered me in the handling of the 100-Pro Series and it is SO much more convenient now. Again, instead of removing all the filters in front, you just rotate the dial, which is a so much better workflow and will save you time at picture-perfect moments.

Also, the adapter rings which connect to your lens and hold the filter assembly are a lot thinner.
This is, so the edges of the filter holder are farther away from your lens and the frame, to avoid vignetting when capturing photos at a wide angle. I haven`t noticed any vignetting at all and I mostly shoot at 16mm full frame.

Image Quality

The image quality has to be the most important aspect of any filter system. You want your pictures as sharp and without colour casts as if you would shoot without any filter.
So, how is the image quality of the Haida M10 Filter System with the Red Diamond Medium GND 1.2 Filter and a Polarizer?

The quality is excellent, I can really tell, that the Red Diamond Glass Filters are even sharper than the Nano Pro Series already were. There isn`t any colour cast, maybe there would be a bit more with a 10-stop filter – I don’t believe it though. Even if, those minimal casts are more than easy to manage with some postprocessing in an editing software like Lightroom.


Oh how I love, that Haida puts a very good filter holder on the market, listens to the feedback of its photographers and simply makes an even better one for them. Haida really does listen to what their photographers think and implement this when inventing new products, as the M10 holder maintains all the fantastic strong points of the 100-Pro, including the embedded circular polariser, but they have removed all the tiresome little problems it had, making the M10 an absolute joy to use.

So, is the Haida M10 Filter Holder System a good choice? Yes. Without doubt.

It is perfect for you if you are looking for a high-quality filter system that is as flexible as you are. There are certainly cheaper ones on the market, but Haida has an eye for detail, an unbeatable look and feel and the resulting photo quality is more than worth the price.

The components of the M10 system are metal, not plastic, both lightweight and durable.
Besides, you can rely on the spring-loaded release, I was never afraid that the filter would fall off when I took it in or out.

The durability, ease of use and image quality are the reasons why I would choose Haida again and again and am proud to be a brand ambassador.

For all my swiss friends, my partner fotichaestli.ch, the only official Haida dealer in Switzerland, carries the M10 filter holder system, various filters and lots of accessories.

Check out the wide assortment, see if they have something that suits you and let me know your experiences with Haida Filters. I am curious about your opinion!

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