Here are 20 inspirational female landscape photographers

A list featuring some of the greatest female photographers who inspire me every day and who are proof, that there’s an abundance of incredible talent in the community.
Picture of Miri Roth

Miri Roth

Swiss Landscape Photographer

Why do we need such a list?

I don`t think me, or the women in this post should be known as good female photographer. Our work should stand out for it`s own and Art should be gender free.

But even if photography itself is not a purely male branch, and every day more women starting up landscape photography, there are unfortunately too few women in the field at the top levels and we are overwhelmingly absent in publifications or brand ambassador line ups. If a women is included, it sometimes even feels as if it`s a proforma gesture.

If you are interested in this topic, I will go more into detail in my Blogpost: “Gender Inequality in the Photography Industry – Is that even a thing?”

So below is a list of 20 female landscape photographers you should definitely click the follow button on.

Let`s get inspired!

Laura Oppelt

At 23, Laura is the youngest on my list, but certainly one of the strongest landscape photographers I know.

She has found her very own style and her images are all just super moody and intense. Born and raised in Germany, but widely travelled, her portfolio shows incredible landscapes from Norway, France and the Alps.

Erin Babnik

Erin is certainly one of the best known photographers in landscape photography. She is a Photographer, Speaker, Author, Creative Coach and a Canon ambassador.

With her group She-Scapes, she also advocates for women in landscape photography.

For me, Erin is an incredible inspiration and role model. Her images speak for themselves.

Rachel Jones Ross

Rachel is a Canadian landscape photographer – but her most impressive work are her images of the night sky. She is known for her incredibly well done Milky Way shots. 

It’s impressive how she fills the foreground with life and makes her night shots look so stunningly dreamlike.

She is also a talented instructor and a Sony Alpha ambassador.

Cath Simard

Cath describes herself as a digital artist who is not afraid to bend reality and turn her landscapes into dreamscapes. 

She is a travel and adventure photographer who travels the world full-time and gives workshops. She is also a Sony ambassador.

Most of her portfolio shows rare landscapes that she finds on her multi-day hikes in remote areas.

Hillary Younger

Hillary is from Tasmania, Australia. She already traveled and photographed a whole lot of the world, including the Himalayas, western USA and western Canada.

She has a good eye for composition and really draws the viewer into her pictures.

She is a Haida Filter ambassador.

Danielle Lefrancois

Dani lives near Banff, Canada, and her images show the spectacular landscapes of her neighborhood so beautifully.

She is a landscape photographer, photo guide and instructor for Banff Photo Workshops.

Her images are incredibly soulful and you can feel her love for the Canadian Rockies in every one of them.

Mel Weber

Mel is a nature-, landscape- and wildlife photographer from Switzerland. She travels a lot, especially to wild and remote places like Scandinavia, Alaska or New Zealand.

Her wildlife photographs are also incredibly fascinating. She doesn’t seem to get an animal just in front of her lens, but shows a piece of the animal’s character in her pictures.

She is a Kase Filter ambassador.

Corinne Dörflinger

Corinne is a swiss landscape photographer. She loves to spend her free time in the mountains and forests, hiking for hours in the early mornings, capturing beautiful swiss sights.

The stars and the moon are also some of the scenery she captures so beautifully.

Marina Goldina

Marina was born in Lithuania and lived in Israel for 12 years. Now she lives in northern Italy and captures the beauty of it in her images.

She started with photography early on and travels a lot with her camera. Her pictures have a wonderfully colourful intensity.

Liana Manuk

Liana is a adventure- and milkyway photographer in switzerland. She was born in Georgia and found her way to switzerland in her early twenties where she developed a love for the mountains and the stars.

“Better than mountains can be only mountains under the starry night.” Is a quote she lives by.

Her stunningly beautiful nightscapes are making me dream with my eyes open.

Jennifer Moss

Jennifer is a landscape photographer from San Jose, California.

She knows how to turn a beautiful scenery into a stunning photo, because her compositions are incredibly well chosen.

Her milkyway pictures are some of my favourites.

Rajani R

Raja does not specialize, she enjoys landscape as much as doing street or portraits or shooting wildlife etc. For me, she is one of the few who also does each of the fields equally well. She travels a lot to amazing awe inspiring sights that can simply take your breath away. She loves that traveling leaves you with ineradicable memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Jennifer Brühlmann

Jennifer is a nature photographer from central Switzerland and is working full time for her tour operating company amazing views, which organises and conducts photo trips and workshops around the world. She has a big passion for places in the North like Norway, Ireland and Scotland The wilder, the colder the place – the better.

One look at her photos and you just know how much skill this woman has.

Steph Vella

Steph is a passionate prize winning and published travel and landscape photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

She is a NiSi Filter Ambassador, a professional workshop leader and is featured by Canon Australia.

Her love for travelling got her already to over 15 countries including Iceland, New Zealand, Canada and Finland, but she has many more on the list.

Steph’s portfolio reads like a fairy tale picture book where you don’t know which one of them you like the most.

Roksolyana Hilevych

Roksolyana is an award-winning landscape photographer based in Italy.

To describe Roksolyana’s picture style I would use the term «wonderfully dramatic».

She knows how to make her images look rough and at the same time incredibly delicate and feminine. I am particularly taken with her flowery foregrounds.

Roksolyana is a Haida Filter ambassador.

Chalana Smissaert

Chalana is a dutch landscape photographer living in Amsterdam.

She is incredibly good at portraying the unique beauty of the netherlands. Whether it’s tulip fields or windmills – she turns landscapes into dreamscapes.

And as a cherry on top it is just as much her concern as it is mine to bring women in landscape photography together and support them.

Kerry-An Lecky Hepburn

Kerry-An`s pictures are something else, something out of this world. Literally! Kerry-An is a Deep Space Photographer and let me tell you her pictures are something you have never seen before.

And if that isn`t cool enough, she also is a pilot and a weather photographer.

Jillian Høiberg

Jillian is a portrait and landscape photographer from Ontario, Canada. Today she`s based in the beautiful Lofoten Islands in Norway.

For me, she is the queen of moody pictures. It seems like difficult weather conditions are made for her and when I would quit and go home, Jillians in her element.

Fog and drama beautifully combined.

Jennifer Wu

Jennifer is a nature and landscape photographer, specializing in creating stunning images of the night sky and stars. Her images have been published in numerous magazines, newspaper articles and advertisements and she has taught photography and digital imaging at The California State University of Sacramento.

It seems that you could find a piece of the whole world in her pictures.

Charly van den Braak

Charly is a dutch landscape photographer who loves to turn moments into memories.

She is leading workshops and photography tours for “you go this way” and she is an fstopgear ambassador. Her pictures are soft, dreamy and colorful and you can just feel the soul she puts in every one of them.

This list could be endless, there are so many inspirational females out there. But I would love to hear your thoughts or recommondations – is your favorite female landscape photographer missing? Let me know in the comments!

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